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Simon did you try to restart you ipod or delete find my iphone app
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evilattorney It's an iClone. It's not an Apple phone. Apple apps cannot be downloaded onto it.
M\C i think its the same as the other iphones so it should have the app
·•?!m the im the BEST·•? i looked it up if it is real then why dont they sell it at the store and why would u want a mini one if the mini phone is made by apple the YES U CAN!
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Betwixt & Between The steps to sync your Twitter and Facebook accounts are explained here. Once you link the accounts they should automatically co-operate, whether on an app or computer.
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James no, there are not.
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Sikindar Ali Here's How YOU Can Create an iPhone or iPad App or Game in 4 weeks And Hit Pay Dirt With It In The App Store With No Programming Skills.
Amir Making iPhone apps is pretty doggone easy. I used this to make a stopwatch / timer app that's waiting approval thru Apple...
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