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dewn735 Here is how it goes: Anytime you use one of those services (either it is a web page, mail or anything other), your mobile has to download it's content to show it to you. It is exactly like downloading a file to your computer. Anything counts as extra content to be downloaded: the pictures, the scripts some pages use, the attachments of the emails and all of this stuff. However, unlike internet providers do, the mobile companies charge the use of the internet according to the content downloaded rather on the time spent surfing. In this case, if the mail you have been receiving includes many attachements, will cost you more. If you view pictures on facebook, will cost you more. If you use twitter much, will cost you more. Hope you find these information useful...
dbrezlin Twitter, facebook are both web based social networking web sites. If you accessing them from a phone you pay for the amount information downloaded to the phone according to the service contract with Verizon.
rahul yes definitely all surfing the web what ever it may be, is counted as downloading so will be charged so when browse use mobile version which are less heavy. example m.facebook.com m.twitter.com
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Papillonastray With T-Mobile they count as SMS/MMS messages so would be covered under your plan. I would assume the same with MediaNet but would be best to get a direct answer.
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Maui Wowies A great free blog site is. They have great sub domain names available and its free to use, they also have a forum for helping people not only make blogs but make money off it as well
Gary F Hi. A great blog to use for beginners is Google's Blogger. (https://www.blogger.com/start) It's completely FREE and you will end up with an internet address (URL) such as (ex). You might check to see if is available. It's really user friendly and simple to use. Hope this helps and good luck with your endeavor!
chiodos92307 first, if u really want traffic, get a myspace. a lot of people dont like myspace, but its honestly how a lot of musicians have came up in life. then i would just go from there, add friends, network like crazy. get ur name out there
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