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mattu register there and paste the html code into your about me section of myspace
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•?•Jon-Knee™•?• there's one, but I don't know it is autoplays. I think its playlist[like]
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2metal0head9 "iHate twitter abd face book." lol **5** stars
Rman21kid tiwitter ***** what at the hell did that twitt says 5*
Liam892008 Good episode ;) 5*
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lil southern girl My best guess is that it's for people who are full of themselves. I've been on myspace from almost its beginning, I cancelled my facebook, cancelled livejournal, and flatly refuse to twitter. And following celebrity and politician tweets is a waste of time, because you end up hearing all of them on the news now whether you care or not.
Leather and Lace Because people think these celebs, who feel the need to constantly 'tweet' their every waking moment, are their friends. Sorry, I don't need attention seeking people as friends.
Bean I've been wondering the same thing! I wanted to know what all the fuss was about, so I started my own Twitter account and only went on there once. I don't understand the appeal. I don't need to know what everyone is doing every second of the day!!