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admin onto Facebook
Danielle B Well come NEED it. Like the- which words are used most- because they need to analyze your account. And some like the photo melt- they NEED your friends pics to melt. Don't u get it?
SpartaKev Maybe they try to sell products and get it popular by notifying your friends into knowing about this app.
admin onto Website Design
admin onto Website Design
chachafance A lot of people on Twitter use Mangatars.....
Evan Jorgensen Use the Yahoo! Avatar creator.
admin onto Website Design
Courtney no, I don't think so because you're just commenting on their tweet. Doesn't mean you're stalking them or something.
ana2rosa2003 If it is disrespectful, you should do it, Celebrities (aka, the Twits on Twitter) deserve to be disrespected.
ma8xz If you have access / allowed or public, to his Twitter My Space / Facebook / Blog page, then you may comment. He has the option to a) Block you, b) hold back comments till he realeses them, c) block all uninvited persons. So go ahead, comment all you like... Have fun