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sheena yes, completly legit!!! I have cashed in swagbucks for just about $100.00 in Amazon Gift Cards. I am buying things for my daughter for Christmas anyone new viewing this post please sign up here, I also know of a few other sites that are alot like swagbucks if you are interested. Please, email me and I will send you more info on the other sites that are free and you win points, merch, and amazon gift cards
J swagbucks.com is legal legit and very fun if you want more info go to this website
Tom hey there is another site you may like , there are many prizes. its way easier than prizerebel and other sites, you don't have to do any serveys and they dont spam up your email. all you have to do is answer a question daily and you get 2 points and an additional 2 points for visiting the site. its invite only so if you want a invite notify me by emailing at sponsered by american eagle and amazon
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