blog plug in
katship asked:

I want, over a word press blog however mà ¼ ssen to know, like the installation of Plug in, before I try to install word and drà ¼ you cken my blog, there give it several Plug in install möchten I and think, I should know, like the installation or with these Plug in. Who weià ? whether it any kind of newbie training to install word drà ¼ it cken that step fà ¼ a r-step-diagram annatomy of the word drà ¼ cken you blog? That means: Header, tags etc. Word press website is well-behaved groà ?, but wà ¼ rde helps, in order to see, a diagram with labels, which say, which is, if the head goes and which you ssen to do mà ¼, etc. I has several topics downloaded, but as I can to be seen, how she will look, before her her?

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